About Us

We were established in 2017 as a fitness bootcamp, training our members to not only enjoy fitness but to educate them on how to train themselves. We evolved into a functional training classes with a main aim of improving our participants strength and fitness rather than worrying about the numbers on the scales. We are now a small business ran by a Personal Trainer Oli, and Physiotherapist Kara. During Covid-19 we experienced the need for gym equipment for ourselves and those around us. We were met by massively inflated prices exploiting peoples love fitness and need for exercise so decided to do something about it. Although small, we have worked hard to offer great prices without sacrificing quality. In addition, we have established a well priced shipping service which is fast and reliable. We use all our products ourselves so you know that we believe in them and we are always on hand to provide practical fitness advice with our knowledge and expertise. Just drop us a message and we will always try to help.

We are committed to making fitness more inclusive.